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At Genesis we use Great lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions.
Great Lengths hair extensions are handcrafted in Italy. The hair originates from the temples in India where it has been willingly donated as a sacrifice to the gods of the temple. 100% of Great Lengths hair is ethically sourced via the temple hair auctions, Indian virgin temple hair is highly recommended for the best hair extensions due to the fact that it has never been chemically processed through bleaching and coloring and the texture of the hair matches that of Caucasian markets.

Great Lengths hair extensions are prebonded with a synthesized keratin polymer. The functionality is the Great Lengths bond has the ability to expand and contract with human hair when wet or dry, resulting in no strain or damage on the natural hair. The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000 uses cold fusion technology and techniques which enable flat and round bond formations. Ultrasound vibrations soften the synthesized keratin polymer; this method is quick and versatile.

Great Lengths certified technicians go through a comprehensive training course which covers in-depth consultation, application for a number of end results (lengthening, volumising, colour techniques, etc), colour blending and cutting. A well trained stylist and the premium quality of our hair extensions ensures that Great Lengths hair extensions maintain the reputation of being the best hair extensions in the industry.

At Genesis we offer an extensive range of colours & lengths with over 50 shades and hues to match your colour, from the lightest blondes to the darkest browns and black. The many tones and shades offered in the range allow us to blend Great Lengths hair extensions with your own hair so that not even your friends will be able to tell. Great Lengths hair extensions can be easily removed by an expert certified stylist without damaging your hair.

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